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Gospel Therapy is an eleven week course designed to help people combat depression and anxiety.  It may be used as an individual self-help study, but it is recommended that those who make use of this material team with a family member, friend, pastor, counselor, or study the material in a group setting.  The course has three main objectives.

PHYSICAL OBJECTIVES:  Inform people about the physicial and biological factors that influence depression.   Numerous studies have shown that exercise, dietary changes, and even the amount of sleep you get, can greatly impact mood.  For many people, making changes in these areas of life is as effective in treating depression or anxiety as  taking medication.  The course also describes current medications in the treatment of depression, how they affect the mind and body, and what limitations they have in treating depression.  

MENTAL OBJECTIVES:  The federal goverment website dealing with mental health states that, for most people, therapy and medication are the best form of treatment for depression.  However, most people being treated for depression currently receive only medication.  The course introduces people to the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.   This form of therapy identifies distorted ways of interpreting life that push people into depression and anxiety, and then attempts to teach people new ways of looking at life.

SPIRITUAL OBJECTIVES:  The primary objective of this course is to teach spiritual principles for interpreting life which answer the distorted interpretations of life identified in secular cognitive therapy.  The gospel of Jesus Christ is targeted to specific thinking styles.



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